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Hairstylist Richmond VA: Who Else Wants This MASTER SKILL Of Success?

Hairstylist Richmond VA Salon Plaza

Do You Know Exactly What You Want Out Of Life?
And If You Do, Have You Made A Solid Plan To Achieve It?

Attention Hairstylists in Richmond, VA: 

"The single dividing factor between those who thrive and those who struggle is the ability to set goals and follow through."


Because the MASTER SKILL of success is GOAL SETTING. When you develop this one single skill, you will have a powerful pathway to achieve what you want in your career and in your life.

At Salon Plaza, stories about our most successful Member Salon Owners show this to be true again and again.

Who else would like a Proven Method that shows you HOW?

Salon Plaza Truth Out: #1 Reason Why SOME New Members FAIL

Salon Plaza success tips


I'd love to tell you...

"Every single one of our Members is thriving in a long and lucrative career with Salon Plaza as a salon owner."

Most do well - some do very well in deed, beyond their widest expectations. Like Danielle TheStylist pictured here.

Truth be told, every now and then, a new Member comes to Salon Plaza with all the hope and optimism born in their soul.

And they try. And they work at it. And they see clients -

... but they fail to make enough to justify owning their own salon.

What's The Number One Reason WHY?

Salon Plaza Member Chris Brown - Barber Salon Owner in Richmond, VA

Salon Plaza Chesterfield Towne Center Richmond VA man resized 600
Introducing Salon Plaza Member of the Month Chris Brown, Barber and owner of Christopher Brown Salon, Chesterfield Towne Ctr, Richmond VA - How Chris got started as a salon owner and his 7 Guideposts to aspiring barbers who want to Own It!

How Chris Got Started As A Barber:

When I was in high school, my mom would take me to the barbershop where I’d have to sit and wait and wait. I got tired of waiting and wondered...

Salon Plaza Asks: Which Are YOU… Hair Stylist, Owner or Entrepreneur?

Salon Plaza Your Space for Prosperity No Box resized 600

Hair stylists ask Salon Plaza,

"Is there a difference between owning a salon and being an entrepreneur?"


"How can I go from being a stylist to becoming an entrepreneur?"

First, let's define what we mean by entrepreneur...  What are the key differences between a business owner and a true entrepreneur?

Here's The Difference:

Salon Plaza Liberty Court- Newly Renovated- A Haven For Busy Stylists

satellite salon tour liberty headline resized 600

Client satisfaction is worthless.

Client loyalty is priceless.

~ Jeffery Gitomer

Remember the last time you enjoyed the wonderful, restful feeling of getting pampered with personal attention, one to one? As a salon owner, the most important question is how do you pamper and care for your clients?

How do you make them feel special and unique? 

Times have changed – are you ready for the challenge?

It is a stress-filled, busy, hectic, tough, tiring, demanding, mind-numbing, energy-sapping battle each and every day out there, isn’t it? It’s easy, tempting, even natural to come home after a day of doing battle, and wonder,

Salon Plaza Member - A True Story About A Salon Owner In Hyattsville

Salon Plaza Michelle Renee Life resized 600

"I am so excited to continue to grow my business at Salon Plaza - They have truly changed my life! Salon Plaza Rocks!!!!!"

Picture This...

The job you’ve totally outgrown and hate with a passion ends suddenly when your boss calls
 you into her office and screams:

"You're FIRED!"

On The One Hand, It's Good News

The job had grown stale and you've been 
planning for months (if not years) to strike out on your own to 
chart a new path... finally working full-time at that one thing 
that has been a consuming passion for as long as you can 
remember - 


But then the next shoe falls.

Salon Business Cards: Avoid The 8 Most Common Logo Design Mistakes

Salon Plaza Your Space for Prosperity Why resized 600

Designing An Attractive Logo For Your Salon Business Cards Establishes Your Brand

The goal of your logo is to capture your audience's attention and help you get repeat business. 
Your logo will reach your audience through your business cards, website, social media, postcards, fliers, signage, and more.

It will even help you get more referrals because your clients want to feel proud of the brand image of the stylist they recommend.

The perfect logo reflects your professionalism, your core values and your brand promise. Want to avoid the most common mistakes salon owners make?

How To Design The Perfect Logo For Your Salon:

Hair Stylists in Baltimore - If You Want More Freedom in 2014 Take This Quiz

Salon Plaza Baltimore Your Space for Prosperity resized 600

Have You Heard The News?

Unless you're "out of the ordinary"
 your chances for succeeding in the salon industry are limited.

If you've a licensed cosmetologist in Baltimore who has been cutting hair for several years, then you’re doing better than most –

"5 years after students graduate beauty school -
79% have left the beauty industry entirely."

But it gets even tougher for cosmetologists who want to make it with their own salon.

Would it shock you if I told you 85% of all new businesses fail within 2 years? Well, in the beauty industry, it’s worse…

"By year number two a full 92% of the salons started… FAILED."

The Most Common Reasons For That Painful
 "Crash & Burn"?

Salon Plaza Asks: Who Else Wants To Turn More Facebook Fans Into Clients?

Salon Plaza Salon Owner Success Strategies

Without Wasting Time!

As a busy salon owner, you don’t have time to read lots of stuff that’s “good to know” but does nothing to build your business. That’s why Salon Plaza is dedicated to giving you strategies you can use right away to increase your revenues.

If you saw Salon Plaza’s Marketing Wheel, you’d know that one of your key salon success strategies is to market online. And when it comes to marketing online, Facebook is a great place to attract targeted leads and turn them into paying clients.

A Powerful Platform To Help You:

  • Attract targeted fans
  • Engage them in conversations
  • Build your email list 
  • Turn fans into new clients

Attracting more targeted fans and engaging them with informative, entertaining content will make a big impact on your revenue.

3 Reasons Why Your Revenues Will Rise:

Salon Plaza’s Danielle Buckson: Hair Stylist, Life Coach & Author

Salon Plaza Danielle Hall Author“I became a Member of Salon Plaza and the Golden Ring Plaza Leader in December of 2012. I love it. Absolutely love it. The location is excellent. The clientele is wonderful. Becoming a salon owner with Salon Plaza is the best decision I’ve made!”

Introducing Salon Plaza’s Member of the Month for January, Danielle Buckson. She’s the owner of Shear Serenity Salon in Rosedale, just outside of Baltimore.

A licensed cosmetologist with 21 years experience, certified life coach and published author, Danielle’s mission is to make her clients LOOK and FEEL fabulous.

Her Opportunity to Own It!

Danielle's dream has always been to own her own salon. Not wanting to purchase a building, design a salon, and handle the overhead, when Salon Plaza came to Rosedale, it was the perfect fit.

As a prosperous business owner, here’s how Danielle rates herself on Salon Plaza’s Marketing Wheel of Prosperity:

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