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Salon Professionals: How To Create A Winning Brand Image On Facebook

Salon Professional Facebook money drain resized 600

Important Note to Salon Professionals:

Have you noticed a costly trend showing up on Facebook lately?

More and more ”SELFIES” are being used for profile pictures. You know what a selfie is - one of those quick "here I am" photos you take of yourself.

That's Money Down The Drain!

If you are a salon professional who promotes yourself on social media sites like Pinterest, Linkedin, Twitter, YouTube and Facebook, consider the impact your profile image has in the eyes of your prospects and clients.

People do business with those they "know, like and trust." 

Let me ask you another question -

Attention Hair Stylists: 5 Proven Ways To Fill Your Book... FAST!

Hair stylists salon owners marketing tips

For Hairstylists and Salon Owners Who Want (NEED?!) To Get More Business – Even If You’re On A Shoestring Budget!

You can fill your book by 1) Attracting new clients and by 2) Marketing to your existing client base. Both approaches work - but only if you get really good at communicating the right message to the right people.

How Busy Do You Want To Be?

You can serve anyone who calls or walks into your salon, but when it comes to investing your dollars and time – that’s a different story.

Your resources are limited.

You must laser-focus your marketing messages to your “target audience” – your most likely prospects who would make great clients.

Good News:

Salon Pricing Strategies: What Salon Owners Don’t Know About Price...

Salon Pricing Strategy Acres of Diamonds resized 600

…And if YOU knew, it would truly change your fortunes

If you own a salon or work as an independent salon professional, here are 5 PRINCIPLES you need to understand about PRICE:

WARNING! These Pricing Principles are ONLY intented for confident cosmetologists who know their "Acres of Diamonds" are within themselves...

Salon Owners: Use Powerful Messages To Become The Chosen Provider

Salon Owner Marketing

“Get good at doing a few services well -

and GREAT at marketing those services

to your ideal clients.”

As an entrepreneur and salon owner, you must become REALLY GOOD at communicating the right message to the right people. You can SERVE anyone...

Because your resources are limited, you must spend your time and money MARKETING to the prospects you would like to earn as clients.

Having a clear, compelling message that speaks to the concerns and desires of the people you want to serve most is the basis of creating messages that attract clients and build relationships.

Your marketing message must answer this most important question for your pospects and clients:

“Why should I choose YOU over all others - including doing it myself, or not getting it done at all.”

Here's how to get really good at creating marketing messages that attract clients like crazy:

Weaves & Custom Wig Specialist in Hyattsville Wins Salon Plaza Award

Weaves Salon Christiane Amboo

Introducing Salon Plaza's Award Winning Weaves & Custom Wig Specialist in Hyattsville, MD -

Christiane Amboo, Owner of Weaves Salon

Salon Plaza's Member of the Month of May!

Chosen for her kindhearted dedication to her clients, this is a story about COURAGE!

Read on to discover Christiane's secrets to prospering as a salon owner...

Secrets To Open A Salon: 33 Ways To Stop Clients From Leaving You

Start A Salon with Salon Plaza

Secrets To Open A Salon And Prosper:

How will YOU pamper and care for your clients?

How will you make them feel special and unique?

Every beauty salon’s greatest asset is its clientele, because without clients, there is no salon.

Each client is unique. Yet one thing they all have in common is they want and deserve SPECIAL ATTENTION – maybe more often than you have the time, freedom and control to give it to them.

You are busy. Pre-occupied with making ends meet. Aggravated with that missing beauty product, empty chair, or other drama you have to deal with every day at work. Tired and frazzled, who has time or energy to even think about the client experience?

Two-thirds of all clients change their salon, and the number one reason given by departing clients is...

Salon Plaza Exclusive: Emmitt Smith Reveals 10 Truths For Achievement

Emmitt Smith 10 Truths For Achievement

Emmitt Smith, NFL Running Back for 15 Seasons, Reveals 10 Truths for Achieving Your Dreams

Salon Owners and Independent Cosmetologists are invited to catch life strategies from the only running back to ever win a Super Bowl championship, the NFL MVP award, the NFL rushing crown, and the Super Bowl MVP award - all in the same season!

Emmitt Smith transcends the game of football through character, performance, and humility - 

Keynote Speaker At the GKIC SuperConference for Entrepreneurs, Emmitt inspired a room filled with 732 business owners. If you missed the event, no worries... I’ll share with you my 10 take-aways from his speech:

Choose A Salon Name: What Shadonna Jordan Advises On Steve Harvey TV

How To Choose A Salon Name As Seen On Steve Harvey TVAdvice For Female Cosmetologists:

Before you choose a name for your salon, consider this…

Women are up against something men never have to think about. As our lives change, our name can change, too.

If you build your brand under your personal name and your life circumstances change as mine are about to…

You May Be Faced With A Major Decision

That’s how I got on the Steve Harvey Show,

Natural Hair Care Expert In Woodbridge VA: Marketing Secrets Revealed

Salon Plaza Natural Hair Care Woodbridge VA

Award Winning Salon Owner At Salon Plaza Reveals Her Marketing Secrets To Attract Clients Like Crazy!

Let's continue our conversation with Salon Plaza’s April Member of the Month, Kisha Saunders, owner of Chic of Essence Hair Salon in Woodbridge, VA…

What did you do before opening your own salon at Salon Plaza?

Kisha: Before opening Chic of Essence, I worked at a couple of salons as a booth renter and on commission. As first it was exciting, but in the back of my mind I wanted to be running my own salon.

I often saw things differently than the owner…

Salon Owners: Are You Making This Costly Marketing Mistake?

Salon Plaza Client Loyalty for Salons

You'll know the answer to THAT important question if you can answer these two...

  1. How much money and time do you spend attracting new clients?

  2. How much do you spend on marketing to your current clients?

The reality is, new business owners who desperately need new clients to stay afloat must put most of their attention on acquiring NEW clients.

But don't be fooled! If you have an existing client base, your #1 focus should shift toward KEEPING the clients you already have.

If you're like most salon owners and independent stylists, you pull out all the stops to woo a stranger to come into your salon, yet ignore the very people who keep your doors open for business.

Sound familiar? Then this blog post is meant for you...

3 Reasons Why Marketing To Your Current Clients Is Key To Your Prosperity

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