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10 Beauty Secrets for Cosmetologists & Their Clients

10 Beauty Secrets for Cosmetologists

Salon Plaza Countdown:

10 Beauty Secrets for Cosmetologists!

You know the Golden Rule - Do Unto Others...

This moral precept describes a "two-way" mutual relationship between one's self and others. We usually think about this as treating OTHERS well.  

As women, we often overlook the flip side - treating OURSELVES as carefully as we would others. To give OURSELVES the same consideration and service that we give our family, friends and clients.

Our July Member of the Month, Rickisha White, is an excellent example of a salon owner who gets this right.

Attractiveness and Beauty come from within. When you start your day and carry through with love and consideration for yourself, you'll become a light for your clients. Often what they need while sitting in your chair is your compassion and encouragement - even more than their scheduled beauty service.

To fully pamper and care for your clients, you must first take care of yourself.

These 10 Beauty Secrets will show you how to live BOTH sides of the Golden Rule:

For Women Cosmetologists ONLY-Straight talk about Attraction & Beauty

Cosmetologist Beauty Advice Salon Plaza happiness resized 600

As a cosmetologist who is dedicated to your craft, then you already know -

You must do these two things every day:

    1. Bring out the attractiveness and beauty of your clients 
    2. Be a canvas for your own work

That's right - You are the ARTIST and the MASTERPIECE

Do you ever feel like you could use a little help with looking your absolute best? Or being able to bring out the Beauty in others?

These 10 Beauty Secrets are proven to do just that - Secrets powerful women who present on stage use to look more credible and attract new business.

The same Secrets to become a canvas for your work and build credibility with your clients. Before we get started, lets talk a minute about the difference between “attractiveness” and “Beauty”. 

Cosmetologist Advice: What is YOUR MAP "Mission - Action - Promise"?

Are You Ready To Own A Salon? Take The Quiz Now!

Salon Plaza's Advice for Cosmetologists Who Want To Succeed in the Beauty Industry:

Are YOU living the life of an entrepreneur? Roger Hamilton's 3 ways to tell for sure make a lot of sense. 

Overlook the fact that he's handsome, and hear his message...

Best Salon in Baltimore: 7 Tips For A Cosmetologist To Own A Salon

Riskisha White Simply Elegance Salon Baltimore resized 600

Best Salon in Baltimore - Simply Elegance Studio at Salon Plaza in Liberty Court

Meet Salon Plaza's Member of the Month for July - RICKISHA WHITE - Beauty Professional, Consultant and Educator in Randallstown, MD

Follow in Rickisha's Footsteps to Fulfill Your DREAM... As an Artist & Salon Owner!

Hi, I'm Rickisha, owner of Simply Elegance Studio near Baltimore, MD. As an artist and salon owner, my PASSION is to...

Salon Plaza Asks: This May Be Every Hairstylist's Dream- Is It YOURS?

Dream it and Own It with Salon Plaza

If You’re Like Most Hairstylists, You DREAM of Opening Your Own Salon

Think about what your life would be like for a moment –

  • YOU set your own schedule
  • YOU NEVER ask permission to take an hour or a day off
  • YOU get to set the atmosphere just the way you want it to be...

Sounds perfect?


Before you start a salon, there’s something you need to have already – you’ve got the skills, you have the ambition… but do you have this –

Hairstylists: Who Else Wants An Easy Way To Paint a Picture of YOU?

salon plaza blog marketing tips resized 600

If you've been reading these blog posts, or learning about MARKETING from another excellent source, then you already know how to create marketing that...

  • Works FOR you 
  • GROWS your book
  • Keeps your chair FULL - 
And you know...
One of the first steps is to discover your USP - Your Unique Selling Promise

You will use this description of your professional self to let potential clients know who you are, what makes you different, and WHY they should choose YOU above all the rest!

Read on for 5 quick steps to turn your USP into a powerful image of YOU...

Top 5 Ways Salons Can Grow with More Clients, Sales & Profits

Salon Owner success tips

Who else wants to grow their salon business by attracting more clients, sales and profits - especially when you're too busy to spend time on your marketing?

Before I tell you my top 5 ways, let me ask you a question...

"What distinuishes having a JOB from OWNING A BUSINESS?"


Answer: Keeping a list of prospects and clients updated and automated!

Some salon owners and independent hair stylists still rely on a hand written list. But with today's technology, your real advantage is to keep your list current and accessible in an electronic format.

How Best Virginia Beach Hairstylist Gained This Ultimate Freedom

Own a salon - Best Hairstylist Reveals How

By This Time Next Month You Could Own A Salon And Be Building Your Own Dream

Twice GOLD Winner of

“Best Male Hairstylist in Virginia Beach”

Lance Van Auken, Owner of BLOW A SALON, Reveals How

It has been almost 6 years now since I opened Blow A Salon at Hilltop. Here’s how I made it happen:

I'd Heard About Salon Plaza...

Formerly a product rep for American Crew and Graham Webb International, at the time I was working as an employee in a Day Spa. I'd been in the salon industry for about 14 years and was thinking…

“What’s next?”

I wanted to own my own shop be a success. I’d heard about Salon Plaza but didn’t know a lot about it. So I took a trip over there to find out...

Best Hair Salon in VA Beach - Lance Van Auken - Blow A Salon

Best Hairstylist Lance Van Auken Blow A Salon resized 600

Introducing Salon Plaza’s

June Member of the Month:

Lance Van Auken

Owner of Blow A Salon

Meet the hairstylist who won GOLD TWICE - 2011 and 2012 - in the Virginia Pilot’s vote for “Best Male Hairstylist in Virginia Beach”

A salon industry professional for 21 years, Lance Van Auken is a man of integrity and heart.

Let's hear from Lance - 

10 Life Lessons From A Navy SEAL To Help Salon Owners Succeed

10 Life Lessons for Salon Owners

"What can a Navy SEAL tell salon owners and hairstylists about making a impact in their career and in their life?"


Changing the world can happen anywhere. And anyone can do it.

“What starts here changes the world.”

How can salon professionals "change the world?" When you make someone feel good about themself, you've turned a tide in their life and given them a more positive self-image.

Meet our Salon Plaza Owner Members who heal and inspire their clients -

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